WPAI Connect

WPAI Connect 2018 – a series of community meet-ups of wedding photographers across India

 WPAI Connect is a community meet-up of wedding photographers across India to talk, discuss and inspire each other on the art and craft of wedding photography! These events will be held at major metros throughout India (see schedule below). Each event will have a fantastic panel of wedding photographers lined-up to speak and to make this an enriching, sharing and learning experience.

WPAI Connect Schedule

City Schedule (Tentative)
Delhi 17-Jun-2018 at Social, Hauz Khas Village
Chennai 22-July-2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel
Bengaluru 23-July-2018 at Chancery Pavilion
Kochi 13-NOV-2018 at Kochi Marriott Hotel
Hyderabad 14-NOV-2018 at Courtyard Marriott
Pune December
Mumbai December



The events are open for both members as well as non-members as long as they are practicing wedding photographers. Members, please RSVP to the invitations sent to your registered email address.

Non-members are also welcome but need to request an invitation by registering below.

For any queries, kindly write to us on membership@wpai.in.

Upcoming WPAI Connect City

Kochi and Hyderabad


Kochi Kochi Marriott Hotel
Hyderabad Courtyad by Marriott, Hyderabad