Apply For Membership

Membership to the WPAI is currently open. 

WPAI membership is open to Professional Photographers shooting weddings in India. We encourage all photographers to apply for membership. The selection process is a stringent one and helps ensure that WPAI members meet the requirements for experience, talent, integrity and professionalism. Please read and understand following rules carefully before applying for membership.


  • Membership is for individuals, not groups, businesses, studios or teams. While we understand and appreciate the team coverage approach to Indian wedding photography, it’s important for the WPAI to be able to identify and review the image portfolio of the individual applying for membership.
  • Experience Required: Applicant must have shot at least 20 weddings as lead photographer. Weddings shot as a tag-along, second, or backup photographer do not count.
  • Business Presence: The applicant must have a fully functional website in his or her own domain (or in the name of your own business). The domain name can’t be under any other website (for example, the domain cannot be a but should be
  • Full weddings in portfolio: Applicant should have at least 5 different wedding galleries displayed on his or her website. During the application process, we will ask for links to some of these galleries.
  • At least 3 individual wedding galleries for review: You will need to submit at least 3 full weddings that you have shot for review. These should be online links to a full gallery with at least 20-50 images from a wedding that could be on your blog, website or on social media. This allows the Membership Approval Team to evaluate how the applicant visualises and depicts a wedding from beginning to end. If the submitted galleries show only selected favourites from a variety of weddings, or if they are limited to one subject (say bridal portraits) with no other wedding coverage, the application MAY be rejected.  Note that ANY link to a curated set of images from different weddings will NOT BE ALLOWED. 
  • Technical: Not more than 40% photographs in the submitted galleries should be heavily retouched or modified using image editing software. Note that basic levels, colours and other tweaks are perfectly acceptable. Poor cropping of images and repetitive images are not viewed favourably.
  • Professionalism: Applicants must agree to operate in accordance with the WPAI Code of Conduct. The standards of practice in the Code of Conduct protect both the photographer and the client, and provides assurance to the client that they are dealing with an ethical professional with the highest standards.

If you fit the above criteria, please click on the button below to apply for membership.